Almond Roosted and Salted


  • Almonds Prevent Cancer
  •  Good for Nerves
  • Protect against Stress
  • Good for Eyesight and Hair
  • Help Reduce Weight
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These quality almonds are roasted and salted to perfection, the delicate balance of low sodium salt and nutty flavor from the roast envelops your mouth to create an experience. Perfect to munch on or to be added into your meals, snacks, or desserts. Our unique and innovative processing and packaging keep our products fresh and crunchy. The presence of high fiber in almonds helps in detoxifying the body, this reduces your risk of developing colon cancer. The vitamin E in almonds and flavonoids helps in regulating breast cancer.  Magnesium in almonds helps in the functioning of the nervous system and also helps in developing a healthy metabolic rate. Almonds are abundant with antioxidants which can help you protect against stress. The vitamin E in almonds is higher than carrot, it can protect your eyes and prevent abnormal changes to the lens of your eyes. Magnesium deficiency can lead to hair loss, the high amounts of magnesium naturally found in almonds can aid in the growth of your hair and develop strong strands of hair. Almonds contain a high amount of protein and fiber and low carbohydrates that helps in making you feel satiated and curbing your appetite.


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