Milk Chocolate Almonds


  •  Healthy Alternative
  •  Good for Eyes 
  •  Prevents Cancer
  •  Heart-healthy 
  •  Protect against Stress and hair loss
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Premium quality roasted almonds covered in smooth and silky chocolate that melts into your mouth. These are not your regular milk chocolate covered almonds, we have carefully selected and paired the best milk chocolate with crunchy roasted almonds to develop a sophisticate and delicate balance of flavour. Almonds are proven to increase the level of vitamin E in your body which will help in reducing the risks of having high cholesterol. Consumption of moderate amount of almonds daily can help lower your cholesterol. The high content vitamin E can help protect your eyesight and prevent abnormal changes to the lens of your eyes. The high fibe content also aids in the detoxification process of the body, which helps in reducing the risk of colon cancer, Vitamin E helps in regulating breast cancer in women. Almonds have a high amount of antioxidants which help in reducing the blood pressure in the bloodstream and helps in regulating the blood flow throughout the body. Almonds have a rich amount of antioxidants that can protect against stress. Magnesium deficiency can lead to hair loss, the high amounts of magnesium naturally found in almonds can aid in the growth of your hair and develop strong strands of hair.

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