Peri Peri Cashews


  •  Help control weight 
  •  Good for eye health 
  •  Help strengthen bones
  •  Immunity booster 
  •  Prevents Blood Diseases


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Cashews are actually seeds not nuts, they have tremendous health benefits.  It aids in weight loss, improves eye health, strengthens bones, and is a great immunity booster.  A ready-to-eat, crunchy, roasted, healthy, spicy, and fulfilling on-the-go snack.  Peri peri cashews are an ideal snack to satisfy your taste buds, its robust flavor and aroma inspired by Mozambique’s peri peri sauce will fulfill your hunger pangs. These jumbo-sized crunchy cashews are not only tasty but healthy too. Cashews are high in protein, fibers, and antioxidants that make you feel satisfied for longer and diminishes cravings, ultimately making them a great snack to help reduce hunger and cravings. Cashews are highly beneficial for eye health too, they contain antioxidants like zeaxanthin and lutein which protect our eyes from harmful UV rays. Peri peri cashews contain copper, minerals, and calcium which helps strengthen bones, cashews are a great source of antioxidants as well. The zinc and vitamins in the cashews help in boosting your body’s immunity and ultimate health, it also fulfills your daily requirement of minerals. Cashews help to eliminate copper deficiency and helps in eliminating free radicals from the body, ultimately aiding in the prevention of blood diseases.

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