Rabri Chocolate Almonds


Good for Eyes 

Delicious and Healthy Alternative 

Combats Stress

Lower Cholesterol

Good for Your Nerves

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Premium roasted almonds with an Indian twist. These deliciously roasted almonds are coated with rabri flavor chocolate. The mellow, sweet, milky taste seeps through the taste buds to create a unique royal experience. Almonds contain more Vitamin E than carrots, it helps in protecting your eyes and prevents any abnormal changes to your eye lenses. Consuming these delicious product will improve and protect your eyesight. Almonds contain high amounts of protein, fiber, Vitamin E, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, and Vitamin B making them highly nutritious and a perfect healthy alternative to other snacking options. This almond snack is great for those stressful days as well, almonds have rich amount of antioxidants that can protect you against stress, the antioxidants also benefit your skiing from ageing and other various diseases. The high content of protein and fibre in the almonds helps in curbing your hunger and reduces craving. It will help you in managing your weight efficiently. The magnesium in almonds benefits the nervous system, bone tissue and develop a healthy metabolic rate. The grand taste of Rabri Chocolate Almonds are suitable for every occasion, whether snacking or for weddings,birthdays,anniversaries,and other important moments of life. Swap the unhealthy options by something tasty, delicious and nourishing.

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